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Flipaclip is an application developed to record and trim video clips on your phone. It is a product developed by Flipp, a company with a lot of experience in developing applications for smartphones and tablets. Mobile application Flipaclip download PC that aims to simplify way people create and share videos on internet. It was initially designed to be a tool for people to create a multimedia of a performance, concert, or event, and share it with friends and family, but quickly became a social media tool for anyone to post a video on their own. The Flipaclip computer is a mobile application that enables users to create and share on-the-spot videos with their friends. Interface is simple and intuitive, with a grid on left side that allows users to find and add video clips, and a timeline on the right. When users add pictures and videos to timeline, they can add a caption on bottom of screen, add tags to help organize content.


Interface is straightforward and intuitive and features a camera and a video recording button. On left side of application, you can find camera and multimedia recording button. On right side, you can find multimedia trimming tool. Interface of Flipaclip PC download free is very simple. Main screen has a video camera icon at top, this is where you will click to make a video. There are other icons on screen for effects, backgrounds, and quality. Quality of multimedia is automatically adjusted, but you can change it manually. Interface of soft is very easy-to-use. You can easily edit multimedia and add music and different effects. It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can share your films with other people on different social media sites. Interface is simple and easy to use. Software Flipaclip download for Windows is very responsive, interface has a lot of animations. Feels like it was made for kids, but it is intuitive, easy to use. There are four icons on the top of screen, which are for multimedia, photo, settings, help. These are only icons on screen, which are all very big, easy to find, responsive.


Application is easy to use and very intuitive. Recording and trimming videos was a breeze and it is a great way to create short videos. Application Flipaclip online free is compatible with iOS 14 and is available for free on App Store. Usability of application is very good. All of the buttons are big and responsive, which are easy to find on the screen. Software takes you through the process of editing with simple instructions on the side, which are clear. Product is made with children in mind, so interface is very intuitive and easy to use.


Great multimedia recording download Flipaclip for Windows is trimming application that can be used to turn multimedia clips into short and sweet videos. Application features a very intuitive interface and it is easy to use.


Application is available on App Store and is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. Support is very limited and app is not available on Windows store. Software is missing some features that other apps offer, such as ability to add music and filters. Great app Flipaclip free download PC offers a lot of functionality, but it is missing some features and has limited support.


  • What is Flipaclip for Mac?
    Free app for iPhone and iPad that lets users create and share short videos with special effects and music.
  • What is the purpose of the app?
    Is a fun and easy app that lets users create, share short videos. It provides a simple way for you and your friends to make and share 15-second videos with special effects and music.
  • Who created software?
    Was created by Matthew Tabor and Jason Tabor.


This is a great application for people who like to make videos and want to spice them up with different effects. Interface is very easy to use, it has many features. It offers support through social media platforms. Since smartphone and tablet era, we have used them as a powerful and handy tool to take pictures and multimedia clips. Phone’s camera lets you take pictures and multimedia clips with a single touch. You can also apply photo filters and share images and videos with friends and family. One downside to smartphone technology is that it lacks a flip function. Yes, you can take pictures in vertical mode but camera orientation is fixed. Flipaclip app download is an iOS app that changes that. It is camera that works in vertical mode.

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